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    Please be aware that these adopted regulations will not have the effect and force of law until both approved by the Nevada Legislative Commission and filed with the Nevada Secretary of State.

    NOTE: The Commissioner has determined that paragraph 6 of Section 6 of the Regulation Amending NAC 645B, as appearing on the final page of the LCB Draft of the Revised Proposed Regulation R178-18, dated January 4, 2019, should be revised only by inserting the word “elective” immediately prior to the word “course” in the first line so that the language clearly reflects the Division’s intent to require that IN LIEU OF THE 1 HOUR OF ANY ELECTIVE COURSE in which a mortgage broker or mortgage agent must complete, a QUALIFIED EMPLOYEE shall indeed COMPLETE 1 HOUR IN AN APPROVED COURSE IN NEVADA LAWS AND REGULATIONS as set forth in NAC 645B.363. This serves only to clarify the regulatory intent of the Division.

      Bills passed during the 2017 Legislative Session which affect Licensees under NRS 645B and NRS 645E

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