2017 Enforcement Actions

Order No. Name  License Type  Date  Action Type 
2016-022   Lantzman Lending and Justin Robert Lantzman 645B 04/19/2017 Consent Order
2017-001 Dixieline Builders Fund Control, Inc. 645A 03/24/2017 Consent Order
2016-006 Alliance Mortgage Group, Inc. 645B 03/17/2017 Consent Order
2016-017 Advantage Mortgage and Scott Krelle 645B 03/09/2017 Consent Order
2015-024 Mario C. Talamante 645B 03/09/2017 Consent Order
2015-039 CCM Lending and Joel Armstrong 645B 02/28/2017 Consent Order
2016-022 Lantzman Management, Inc. d/b/a Lantzman Lending and Justin Robert Lantzman 645B 02/16/2017 Order to Cease and Desist
2015-040 Novus Dia, LLC, NV Property 1, LLC, Secured Asset Management, LLC and Michael Eckerman 645B 02/06/2017 Consent Order
2015-019 Jumbo, Inc. and Ira L. Meltzer 645F 02/01/2017 Consent Order