2013 Enforcement Actions

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     Order No. Name  License Type  Date 
    2013-10 DB Mortgage LLC - Final Order (pdf) 645B 12/13/2013
    2013-09 Stephen J. Sinko and Ithacannes, LLC, Consent Order (pdf) 645B 12/11/2013
    2013-08 Optimized Cash Flow Systems, Inc. dba OCF Private Lending and Francisco De La Chesnaye - Final Order (pdf) 645B 11/19/2013
    2013-05 Design Financial and Mark E. Hamlin - Consent Order (pdf)     645B 07/26/2013
    2013-04 CFG Loan Modification and Gabriel Ramallo - Final Order (pdf) 645F 08/21/2013
    2013-03 Kirk Edward Britt - Final Order (pdf) 645B 06/26/2013
    2013-02 Aspen Financial Services, LLC and Jeffrey B. Guinn - Decision and Order (pdf) 645B 06/19/2013
    2013-02 Aspen Financial Services, LLC and Jeffrey B. Guinn - Summary Suspension of License (pdf) 645B 04/23/2013
    2013-01 The Radford Company and A.J. Banford, Jr.- Final Order (pdf) 645B 02/07/2013
    2012-20 Melody Marie Detwiler f/k/a Melody Marie Rose - Final Order (pdf) 645A 02/06/2013