2016 Enforcement Actions

Order No. Name  License Type  Date  Action Type 
2016-003 Daniel Paul Sherbondy 645B 12/23/2016 Consent Order
2016-013 KRKABOB Incorporated dba Omega Mortgage Group 645B 11/22/2016 Consent Order
2016-012 Citizens Choice Mortgage and Shawn Michael Clem 645B 11/22/2016 Consent Order
2015-011 B&F-V LLC dba 1-2-3 Mortgage and Frank Albert Curtis, III      645B 11/02/2016 Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order
2015-024 Mario C. Talamante 645B 10/20/2016 Order to Cease and Desist
2015-033 La Costa Loans Inc. and Richard Shrigley 645B 10/04/2016 Consent Order
2016-020 Advantage Mortgage 645B 10/03/2016 Stipulation of Settlement and Order Approving Stipulation
2016-016 Titan Capital Holdings, LLC and Roderick Rickert 645B 10/03/2016 Final Order
2015-019 Jumbo, Inc. and Ira L. Meltzer 645F 08/31/2016 Order to Cease and Desist
2015-021 Renew Lending, Inc. 645E 08/02/2016 Consent Order
2015-036 Kelly Mortgage and Realty Inc. 645B 07/20/2016 Final Order
 2015-030  Vegas Construction Services, LLC  645A 07/08/2016 Consent Order
2015-034 Caliber Home Loans, Inc.      645B 07/07/2016 Final Order
2015-004 Private Lending Group, Inc., Wynn Investor Network, Inc., and Daniel Arguello 645B 05/10/2016 Consent Order
2015-039 CCM Lending and Joel Armstrong 645B 05/03/2016 Order to Cease and Desist 
2015-028 Citizens Choice Mortgage 645B 03/24/2016 Consent Order
2015-015 Pinnacle Lending Group, Inc. and Robert Allan Rink, Jr. 645B 02/10/2016 Consent Order
2015-037 Discover Home Mortgage Inc and Paul Wesley Filer 645B 01/25/2016 Consent Order
2014-140 Kelli Jo Sams 645B 01/19/2016 Final Order to Revoke Mortgage Agent License 
2015-029 Merit Lending LLC     645B 01/14/2016 Consent Order