SOS Filings

Before accepting a filing for authority to do business in the State of Nevada, the Secretary of State requires approval from certain agencies before submitting documents to the Secretary of State.

If the name filing or business purpose includes the words “financial”, “mortgage”, or “mortgage banking”, or indicates that the business will engage in the mortgage business, the State of Nevada Secretary of State will require an approval letter from the Division of Mortgage Lending (“Division”) before it accepts the filing.

To obtain an approval letter from the Division, a company must submit a written request to the
Division which includes:

  1. Purpose of the filing
  2. Exact company name
  3. Address for the company
  4. Name of contact person
  5. Telephone number
  6. Detailed description of the proposed business activity that the company intends to conduct in Nevada
If the company plans to conduct mortgage activity in Nevada requiring licensure as a mortgage company under NRS 645B, the Division will not provide an approval until the applicable license application has been submitted through the NMLS and the company found suitable to hold a license. Once licensing is approved, the Division will issue an approval memorandum for the purpose of filing with the Secretary of State.

A written request for an approval letter may be submitted to the Division by email through our general mailbox at, or by mail to the Division of Mortgage Lending, at
3300 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 285, Las Vegas, NV 89102, or by facsimile to (702) 486-0785.

For information on reserving a name from the Secretary of State, Commercial Filings Division, please visit