Credit Service Organizations - NRS 598

Prior to engaging in or offering to perform or provide any activity of a credit service organization, § 721 of Chapter 598 of Nevada Revised Statutes, NRS 598.721, requires each person, not otherwise exempt from the provisions of the chapter, to apply for registration with the Division of Mortgage Lending as a credit service organization. A credit service organization registration expires 1 year after it is issued and must be renewed annually.

To ensure that you and your company are appropriately registered and in compliance with the NRS, you are advised to review NRS 598.701 et seq. to determine your registration obligations.

Persons engaged in the business of a credit service organization are advised to complete and submit an Application for Registration and Business Practice Questionnaire.

    Please find all pertaining forms relating to Credit Service Organizations as required in NRS 598 for the business relating to the Division of Mortgage Lending.